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There are dozens of Real Estate companies out there, and you need our services to make sure you choose the right one for your property needs.

Don’t be a victim of Land Scam, lets verify that property Before You Pay!

Kindly browse through our website to view our Verified Properties. All Properties listed on our website are verified.

These are properties we have verified and give our 99.9% assurance.

Yes! We have partnered with credible Real Estate Companies to give you the best value for your money.

We handle all transactions on your behalf from your first to final installment payments. We also help you get all necessary documents to transfer full ownership of the Property to you. Check available Estate Properties.

There are different prices to fit different services.
Prices are determined by the Nature, Size and Location of the property to be verified.

Yes! We work with verified Real Estate Consultants.

You can become an Consultant by registering here

Yes! We are glad and eager to partner with genuine Real Estate Companies in order to serve our Clients better. All we do is to verify the status of your company and the authenticity of the Company’s properties before we partner with your Company.

The fastest way to get details of any listed property is to Call or WhatsApp us directly on 0806-805-9680. You can also mail us by filling the form below the property details.

YES. We take responsibility to the extent of our recommendations. We also render FREE Legal Support to substantiate our recommendations when necessary.

NO. We can only verify the land, and if the land is free from encumbrances and your Title to the Land is genuine, we will place our Certification Badge on it and recommend to our Clients and Partners.
We believe this will add value to your property and enhance quick sale.

YES. We can still verify the land for you because, the earlier you detect that you have a defective Title, the better. And if the Land is genuine, we will help you perfect your Title to the Land with all necessary documents signed and stamped by concerned Authorities.

Project Finance Monitoring means we supervise payments to building contractor who has been contracted to build any structure on your Land over an agreed period of time with money paid in tranches or at per stage completion basis.
We believe that not everybody has the time to monitor building construction project, as such there may be need for a trusted and reliable shoulder to lean on to get the best quality for the money paid to contractors.

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