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Property Acquisition Programme (PAP)

Having shelter is compulsory for everyone, but the truth is many people who are desirous of having land and building houses are scared of losing their money to fraudsters.
This is the reason our company B4YOUPAY is putting up some programs and services to eradicate real estate fraud and help the masses.

1. B4YOUPAY has partnered with many Real Estate companies and will be recommending ONLY verified and certified properties from these Real Estate Companies.

2. In order to further protect your money, B4YOUPAY will give legally backed up undertaking and Guarantee to refund 100% purchase price of their recommended property should there is any issue that affects the Title of the Property.

3. B4YOUPAY will not demand any commission from our client who is buying any of our recommended Properties and we are not adding a Kobo to the price of the land in question. All that is required is to Register with B4YOUPAY Property Consultants Ltd. so that we can open a property portfolio for you.

4. B4YOUPAY also has a Property Acquisition Programme whereby you are only expected to pay 50% of the total cost of your desired Property in any location. The land could be our recommended property or other property anywhere in Nigeria, either from Real Estate companies or individuals/family sellers.

To benefit from our Property Acquisition Programme (PAP), just register with the sum of N5,000 and BE SAVING ANY AMOUNT you can afford monthly, after 6 months you can use this money to pay 50% cost of your desired Property and spread the balance for up to 24 months.

If you will like to start investing in Real Estate, now is the right time. Just take that bold step NOW!
Register for B4YOUPAY PAP and start building your Real Estate Portfolio.

Call/WhatsApp: 08068059680.

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