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Land Title Investigation.

Posted by b4youpay on May 14, 2019

At the marketing stage of any landed property, sellers present lots of documents (e.g. C of O, Registered or Unregistered Deed, Survey Plan, Family Receipt, Gazette etc.) to show the buyer that they have the right and authority to sell, lease or transfer the interest/title in that land or building as the case may be. The fact is that many of those documents are fake and or misrepresented to the buyer. And in some instances when the documents are genuine they are presented by unauthorized persons who lack the authority to transfer the interest in such property.

In this case it is our duty(through our team of professionals) to investigate the genuineness and authenticity of the document presented by the land sellers also known as “Omonile”, Before You Pay a dime in respect of the properties.

We conduct our investigation through:

1. The Land Registry of the state where the property is located, to check the status of the land documents and the encumbrances (if any) on the property.

2. The office of the Surveyor General of the state where the property is located to check if the property falls within government acquisition, the status and genuineness of the Survey Plan presented by the seller. And where the sellers claim that the land had been returned to the family (by excision) after initial acquisition by the government, we research the fact from the applicable gazette.

3. Where Family Receipt is involved we confirm same from the Head of the Family in question.

4. We also go as far as meeting with the Head of the community where the property is located to research the historical chain of ownership of the land or the building in question, especially where the property is to be acquired from a family or community.

5. We also check the liability on the property to be sold (e.g. rents, rates, levies, and tax arrears) from appropriate authorities.

6. Our investigations also extend to Court in some instances to find out if there is any pending litigation or judgment on the property to be sold. And where the property is a subject of any grant by Will or Intestacy, we search through the Probate Registry of the High Court of that State.

7. Where a registered company is a party to property transaction, our team will investigate at the Corporate Affairs Commission to ascertain the legal capacity of the Company to undertake such transaction.

8. It is also our duty to physically inspect the property to be sure it conforms to the dimension on record at the land registry.

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