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Posted by b4youpay on June 5, 2019

We supervise payments to building contractor who have been contracted to build any structure on your property over an agreed period of time with money paid in tranches or at per stage completion basis.

We believe that not everybody has the time to monitor building construction project, as such there may be need for a trusted and reliable shoulder to lean on to get the best quality for the money paid to contractors.

This is where you will need our services; with our management team of Property Lawyers, Quantity Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Surveyors, etc. you can be sure of hassle free building project even if you reside outside Nigeria. We serve as an intermediary between you and the building contractor to make sure you get the best for your money. We can help you;

1. Draft a perfect agreement that will regulate the relationship between you and the contractor which will reflect all the qualities and specifications of the job to be done.

2. Supervise the implementation of the agreed quality through our quantity and quality surveyors.

3. Verify and give timeous report on when to make further payment in respect of the project.

This service comes with periodic pictorial updates via Email or any electronic media of choice. That project doesn’t have to wait because you are travelling or you can’t trust your friends and family with your money.

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